Institut equalita e.V. Europe-wide projects for qualification and training in ecological, social and cultural issues

Actual Projects & Referencies

  • CULPEER for integration

    Institut equalita started in December 2016 a new project in the EU program Erasmus+ under the title “CULPEER for integration - Cultural and peer-learning approaches for successful integration of disadvantaged youth and refugees at school level”

    Culture and peer learning approaches become more important as pedagogical methods. The project aims to implement and transfer cultural and peer-learning approaches for successful integration of disadvantaged youth and refugees at school level.

  • Empowering Public Food Procurement

    Institut equalita has started together with seven partners in September 2017 the new European ERASMUS project “Empowering Public Food Procurement”. The aim of this project is to contribute to the empowerment of local players in the sustainable food procurement for the catering sector. The project brings together eight organizations in seven countries: France, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia and the Netherlands. At the end of the project, European common leading principles to perform more sustainable food procurement in the catering sector will be established.

    Public procurement represents a decisive purchaser of food in Europe. Public authorities and local communities responsible for canteens and cafeterias in hospitals... 

  • ChildrenCultureCaravan

    Since the year 2000 the ChildrenCultureCaravan visits Germany. Every year seven cultural youth groups from Africa, Asia and Latin America perform in numerous schools, youth centres and public meetings in North-Rhine/Westphalia and whole Germany and show the cultural variety and the creativity of their countries. With music, theatre, dance and circus they tell about their life in poverty, as refugees, child prostitutes, street children, child soldiers, AIDS and war orphans.

    In the last five years Institute equalita has developed together with Büro für Kultur- und Medien-Projekte Hamburg and VIDC/moving cultures, Austria, a programme for kids and young people with the aim to give creative access to developmental and global issues and 

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Every year we invite 5-7 children and youth culture groups from countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America to ChildrenCultureCaravan to Germany, Austria, Denmark and Switzerland. These groups present their artistic productions in schools, youth and cultural centers, theaters, festivals and other cultural events, give workshops and tell so about themselves and their lives, their fears, desires and hopes for the future.

All these groups have two aspects in common: the productions they present here in Europe, are of high artistic quality. The young artists are all from very marginal conditions (street children, child laborers, war and AIDS orphans, refugees, living with poverty, violence and drugs) and with the cultural work on these projects they recovered their dignity and self-confidence and developed new perspectives.

The ChildrenCultureCaravan allows children and young people here in Europe, meet peers from other cultures as a talented artists, but at the same time as equal partners with whom they can discover a lot of similarities.

About us

Institute equalita is a registered non-profit organisation with headquarters in Bochum and Cologne.

It was founded in 1999 with the intention to offer training and consulting to ecological enterprises and social institutions. Another aim is to support the co-operation and net-working between partners of the European Union, especially with organisations and enterprises of Middle- and East-Europe.

Institute equalita is running educational activities, qualification projects, consulting, seminars,  and other activities in numerous areas and countries in Europe. One focus are education measures on North-South topics and Global Learning. Other issues are education and qualification activities and consultancy for organic retail and farming. Since some years institute equalita is also engaged in e-Learning and web based learning.

Institute equalita is a successor organisation of institute Grüner Zweig in Cologne, that  has organised a lot of activities and projects with training for farmers, processors and traders in organic retail in the years 1992 to 2000.

The team consists of experts who are working as professionals, consultants and education experts in social and ecological institutions and enterprises in Germany, the European Union and especially in Middle- and East-Europe since more than twenty years. Their main working fields are project development and management, organisational development and consultancy.

Institute equalita is co-operating with a network of experts and numerous partner organisations in Europe.

Experts & Course Instructors

National Partners

Bundesverband Naturkost Naturwaren
(BNN) Einzelhandel
D-50354 Hürth, Robert-Bosch-Str. 6

Tel./Fax +49 2233 9633822 / 9633820

Büro für Kultur- und Medienprojekte
D-22701 Hamburg, Postfach 50 01 61

Tel./Fax: +49 03 39900060 / 3902564
EMail: buero@kultur-und-medien.comIntertnet:

Ökomarkt e.V. Hamburg
D-20259 Hamburg, Osterstr. 58

Tel./Fax +49 40 43214420 / 43214430

Heinrich Böll Stiftung Berlin
D-10178 Berlin, Rosenthaler Str. 40/41

Tel./Fax +49 30 28534 0 / 28534 109

IFOAM - International Federation for Organic
Agriculture Movement
D-66636 Tholey-Theley

Tel./Fax: +49 6853 919890 / 919899

ökowerk e.v.
D-40233 Düsseldorf, Fichtenstrasse 42

Tel./Fax: +49 211 9737150 / 9737110

agenda - fotografen und journalisten
D 22765 Hamburg, Rothestraße 66

Tel./Fax: +49 040 391907-0 / 391907-21

International Partners

Pro-Bio Verband Tschechische Republik
CZ-78701 Sumperk, Nemocnicni 53

Tel./Fax + 42 649 216609 / 244568

Ekoland Verband Polen
PL-87132 Przysiek, Zlawies Wielka

Tel./Fax: + 48 566 789239

Biokultura Verband Ungarn
HU-1024 Budapest, Kitaibel Pal u.4.

Tel./Fax: + 36 1 3162138 / 3162139

Ekotrend Verband Slowakei
SK-90701 Myjava, M.R.Stefanika 517

Tel./Fax: + 421(0) 34 6216037

LIEPA Landfrauengruppe Lettland
LV-3401 Grobina, Liela Iela 93

Tel./Fax: +371 34 91892

Arkadia Künstlerprojekt Lettland
LV-1004 Riga, O.Vaciesa iela 2

Tel./Fax: +371 7 612081 / 227570

Ekoniva Russland
RU-143013 Moskau Region, P.O.Box 1

Tel./Fax: +7 095 5918460 / 5989057

IUCN - Office for Central Europe
PL-02521 Warschau, ul. Narbutta 40 m 21

Tel./Fax: +48 22 8810552 / 8810554

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