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ChildrenCultureCaravan in Open Youth Work

Integration of young people and children with migration background by cultural activities

Children and young people with migration background meet young artists from two Barrios in Bolivia and Uruguay. They learn thereby, first together with them, later for their own, in resuming topic-referred theatre to take up music and dance productions and workshops to develop central topics of their everyday life (e.g. integration problems, violence, school, social, economic, vocational problems, argument with the own sex role, with conceptions of man and woman) and new solutions for it.

They present these - and itself - in artistic switching form to an interested public and thereby of the of the same age ones as „artists/inside “on the stage and/or „mediators/inside “in the Workshops are noticed (experience of the appreciation regarding their again developed presented music artistic abilities and intercultural authority). The offers are educationally led and accompanied by German artists, who have a migration background and particularly the questions resulting from it to likewise take up.

The concepts, experiences and effects/results of the project are evaluated and revised of Institut equalita evaluated (questionings, accompanying evaluation) and together with the partner/inside the youth centre. It conceptional bases for musi-CH-artistic beginnings with intercultural orientation in the open child and youth work for children and young person with migration background compiled (practice help), also suitable are for co-operation projects with school. Can be tied in the project to grown co-operation with neighbouring main and six-form high schools. Trial process and results are documented in form of the mentioned practice help and published as publication as well as over the Websites of the carriers involved.

Background of the project

The girls and boy from El Alto/Bolivia and Montevideo/Uruguay learned in the there basis and culture of quarters centers under the guidance of social workers and pedagogues to bring by music, dance and theatre their everyday life and their life situation to the expression ways out of their social misery and the force to search and perspectives for changes to develop. Thus they can give valuable impulses for the work in juvenile welfare service and school with here living young people: They are with their cultural presentations and its social would background serious partner for the here living children and young people and motivate these to a more intensive argument with the problems of its everyday life. They can become in the local youth and citizen centers model for similar culture-referred activities, which are to be promoted it by means of didactic and methodic support and purposeful offers lastingly and umgestzt durably.

The youth centre Sülz (JUZI) - recognized carrier of the free juvenile welfare service - has an emphasis in the work with children and young people with migration background, on the one hand in the context of the open offers, for many years on the other hand in co-operation projects with main and six-form high schools from the quarter. The visitors come from Sülz and parts of the city center. The portion of children and young people with migration background as well as German young people from socially problematic circumstances is very high in this part of Sülz. By in the context of the child culture caravan 2005 was it shown appearances and the Workshop of the Colombian group of Viviendo y Sonando, how musical and artistic challenges promote the social integration and the self-confident its young people. Therefore the youth centre Sülz would like this beginning for local young people with migration background in the context of this model project to convert and test.

Responsible institutions and financing

Carriers of the project are the JUZI (youth and cultural center initiative registered association) in Cologne and Institut equalita. The project promoted from the landscape federation Rhine country and the office for district Lindenthal of the city of Cologne. Therefore would like the youth centre Sülz in the context of this model project this beginning for local young people with migration background to convert and test.

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