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Code of Good Organic Retailing Practice

From August 2011 to July 2013 Institut equalita was partner of the international LEONARDO DA VINCI partnership project Concept of Code of Good Organic Retailing Practice. The partners from Austria, Czech Republic, France, the Netherlands and Germany developed a concept to train managers and stuff in organic and non-organic food-market.

Facing all the problems caused by globalization, financial crises and economical and social deregulations ethical basics for business become more and more important. So the organic trade branch recognized that organic regulations and certificate alone is not enough to assure the authenticity of organic products and business. Therefore important stakeholders of the organic trade branch have started to develop and promote a “Code of Good Organic Practice”.

The intention of this code is to establish seven principles in business and staff contexts: social responsibility, involvement in business chain, sustainable pricing and relationships, transparency, open communication, harmonized business chain system and quality management. 

The aim of the project was to create a concept for the training of manager and staff in organic trade business for the implementation of the principles of the Code into daily practice and for providing the code among clients and business partners. Taking part in such training will help manager and staff of organic business to improve their knowledge and competences in economical action, active environmental protection, social competence and costumer orientation.

Furthermore the partnership aimed to develop first suggestions for the transfer and promotion of the Code and the regarding training concept in the non-organic sector and conventional business, because these are much more affected by critical views of consumer, staff, business partners and the public regarding their authenticity and integrity.

Result of the partnership is be a European approach of a “Code of Good Organic Retailing Practice“ and a regarding training concept for manager and staff. Basis of this was a research and survey about already existing elements of ethical principles in training and daily practice in organic retail business in the partner countries and EU. Furtghermore the partners developed a first approach for a marketing concept for the code and training.All these materials are published in the document "Preparing for the future European Concept of Code of Good Organic Retailing Practice".

Coordinator of the project is the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. Partners, in addition to the Institute equalita are the European Organic Retailers Association (ORA), the Agency for good communication GmbH (kggk) in Cologne, the Dutch association Stichting Promotiebureau Biological Speciaalzaak, the French research and consultancy institute Ecozept and the Czech educational institutions Zivi Venkov.

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