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E-Learning for Organic Retail

The Institute equalita has developed from 2010 up to 2012 an eLearning system for professional training and qualification in the organic retail sector in the framework of the EU program Leonardo da Vinci.

It consists of twelve basic modules, with knowledge and practical information on main issues and product assortments. The learning units have been adapted to the specific conditions and educational needs of the partner countries Bulgaria, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Poland and Czech Republic. Main target groups are employees and managers in organic retail and educational institutions that offer training and education for this sector.


Organic retail has been and will continue to be a dynamic market. However, all its business segments are suffering from a severe lack of qualified personnel, staff and managers. The great need for training could be met by new and innovative methods like eLearning. A supply analysis, carried out by a former LdV Partnership, showed that eLearning offers for the qualification of organic retailers don't exist either in Europe or in other major regions. All specialists interviewed for the survey expressed the need for eLearning as an innovative and progressive method.

Objectives and Target Groups

The aim of the project was to establish a European eLearning system offering vocational qualifications in the field of organic retail in the partner countries. Several already existing distance learning materials and online units were be brought together for comprehensive supply and adapted to the six partner countries Bulgaria, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Poland and Czech Republic, according to their special national conditions and requirements.

Target groups and users are educational institutes providing qualification and training for organic trade, their teacher and student,  staff and managers of organic retail, professional associations, entrepreneurs, consultants and other stakeholders of the branch.

Project Activities

At the beginning of the project from existing printed distance learning units and e-learning elements, a German version of the eLearning system with 12 basic modules and units was developed. Therefore the print the materials were translated into the logic and the pedagogical and didactic system of animated and interactive computer-based online learning.

It was the basis for transfer, adaptation and translation into the other partner countries and languages. This adaptation and transfer to the partner countries and languages was based on the respective national conditions and educational needs from the legal provisions up to the the specific product characteristics and the used audiovisual materials.

After the adaptation a testing of the eLearning platform was carried out in all partner countries. The functionality and the utility of the eLearning platform was tested in practical application in Austria, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, the Czech Republic and Poland with stakeholders from organic trade and training. The results of the testing led to a revision of the eLearning system and all country versions.

The final version of the e-learning system was transferred in a variety of educational offers in the partner countries in cooperation with educational institutions, professional associations and representatives of organic retail. They are provided in the partner countries on the basis of a marketing concept that was developed in a previous Leonardo da Vinci Partnership Project.

eLearning system and platform “Eco-Qualify”

Main results is a comprehensive eLearning system and platform with 12 basic modules and units providing knowledge and practical information on main issues and product assortments of organic retail.

Modul 1: Basics of organic food production

 Modul 2: Retailing organic food

 Modul 3; Organic fresh food

 Modul 4: Organic dried products

Flyer and Videos

A videos providse an overview of the background, objectives, targets groups and content of the e-learning platform, and the feedback of shop staff and manager. It is available in an extended version in English, in the partner countries subtitled with the regarding language.


Partner in the project were the following educational organisations, branch associations and marketing institutes:

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