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Organic Farming in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic

Title of Project

Support of organic farming in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic 

Target Groups


From 1993 to 2000

Project partners


Description of Project

Insructed by the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, the institute´s experts have carried out trainings since 1993.  Advisory service has been common practice in Poland, and since 1995 also in Hungary and the  Czech Republic.

Basics of organic farming, management, organisation of work, customer orientation, marketing skills, and of controlling conditions and the EU- guidelines have been the central topics.
Joint seminars for farmers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, as well as the advisors of farming associations have increased the mutual understanding of difficulties, requirements and expectations of each member of a particular field.
Educational trips to Germany provided the occasion to learn about the problems and solutions of fellow colleagues working in the same field. It was a great opportunity to exchange information on personal experience and to make valuable business contacts.

The activities in the specific countries were brought together within the frame of the programme financed by the European Union. An intensive exchange of experience and knowledge has developed between the partners. Besides, common campaigns in PR, lobby work and merchandising, e.g.  public appearance at fairs and international conferences found great support.

The project has brought about a considerable enhancement of the status of organic farming and an increase in efficiency of the activities of associations in the partner countries. Moreover, the international co-operation between the partners has been greatly improved, and a strong basis for joint activities in the future has been created.