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EUROTRAINERS - Self designing of e-learning

Since 2005 institute equalita is participating in the project EUROTRAINERS in the frame of the programme Leonardo da Vinci of the European Union. The main aim of the EUROTRAINERS project is to create a training program for instructors oriented to offer them the abilities needed for the integration process of the technological tools in their learning environment, so that they will be able to design, plan and distribute training courses through Internet. This training programme will be available in September 2007. The emergence of new technologies is transforming teaching and training in Europe from the traditional modes of education we have known, and these changes mean that teachers and people in charge of training at all levels and of all types now have to adopt new knowledge and abilities.

Knowledge of ICTs are now an obligatory part of any teacher’s professional curriculum, and must not be reduced to a few simple notions that allow the teacher to use some of the technological tools. On the contrary, it is a question of empowering teachers and trainers to incorporate technological resources into their learning environment and educational processes.

Educational institutions and teacher trainers face the challenge of preparing the upcoming generations of teachers to be able to use these new tools effectively in their teaching practices. For many teachers, the only way of guaranteeing the acquisition of these resources and expertise is to take part in educational programmes.


Therefore, in order to reach this development level of the new abilities and competences, we are not only suggesting to use the technologies but also to adopt new working methodologies able to be integrated with those already existing and also able to generate new pedagogical models that guarantee a high quality educative level in every European country.

During the process, we will deal not only with those technical competences oriented to carry out the entire process of elaboration and establishment of an on-line training course, but also we will tackle those critical and relevant competences needed to guarantee the success of an on-line training process such as the teacher’s ability to organize, manage, moderate, communicate and lead working groups through the creation of collaborative methodologies.

At the same time, we will establish a common reference framework for all the participant partners, in relation with the analysis methods of the European instructor training needs in the ICTs, as well as in the elaboration of the training program meant to provide the competences and abilities that have to be part of the professional profile of any instructor wanting to use the new technologies in his/her educational environment.

The training program is designed according to an entirely practical methodology, so that the instructors participating can acquire the adequate competences and, at the same time, can put them into practice through the development of training projects directly applicable in their educational environments and organizations, once the project is completed.

In order to ease this process and the accomplishment of the expected objectives, the project partners will use the NETcampus e-learning platform as a supporting technological resource in order to back up the teacher training process and the beginning of their training experiences generated as the result of the development of the assessment activities proposed during the training process.

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