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Dolce Vita - europ. Regionalvermarktung Regionalvermarktung von Biofleisch

Title of the Projec

Dolce Vita – transnational exchange project for employees in organic farming and trade in Italy, Spain and Germany.

Target Group

Farmers, processors, wholesalers, retailers and restaurant owners who market  organic and regional quality products in Italy, Spain and Germany.

Period and Place

From January 1998 to December 2000 in Italy, Spain and Germany

Project partners


Description of Project

The transnational exchange project „Dolce Vita“ completed the national projects within the frame of the joint initiative of the European Union, ADAPT.
In Germany, the emphasis was put on the development of the regional marketing of organic meat. In Italy and Spain, the support of marketing of regional quality products, such as wine, cheese, ham, sausages or olives  was, beside organic farming, the central topic of the national project.

The title of the project „Dolce Vita“  makes clear that it is not primarily concerned with conveying technical business knowledge, but with an exchange of comprehensive marketing knowledge that includes all senses.

As to their gastronomic culture, our Mediterranean neighbors have a tradition of several thousand years, and it has been preserved until today. This plays an important role in their marketing strategies which are based upon taste and sensuous experience.

In this respect, the German partners could make a valuable experience and receive various stimuli. 
The Italian and Spanish participants, for their part, profited from the German partners´ many years of Bio guidelines, controls and legislation and the  corresponding marketing concepts.