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Marketing of regional organic meat

Title of Project

Optimization of the marketing of organic products regional marketing of organic meat

Target Group

Place and Period

From January 1998 to December 2000 with the main focus (project group) in the Eifel and qualifications in retail trade in different regions of North Rhine – Westphalia

Project partners


Project description

Consultant of the institute, of BNN and external experts have consulted project group covering the whole branch with farmers, processors, traders and gastronomes and their enterprises for regional marketing of organic meat. The topics ranged from the switching over of production over logistic issues and calculations, criteria of regional quality, marketing support, and merchandise presentation to development of regionally and product specific advertisements.

The approach which covers numerous spheres secured  intense  communication and mutual understanding for problems and demands of the partners. At the same time, more than 250 managers and employees of at least 60 health food shops were qualified in the whole of NRW. An emphasis was put on sales and merchandise knowledge about organic meat, fruit and vegetables. Moreover, the schedule contained team orientation and management.

The project caused a considerable improvement of the communication and co-operation in the marketing chain. Besides, the knowledge of the employees and the quality of the marketing in retail trade and restaurants were increased with lasting effect. Thereby, the right conditions for increased sales of regional organic products were created.