Institut equalita e.V.

Qualification of Organic Food Retailers in Baden-Württemberg

Title of the Project

Qualification in tandem with work for owners and employees of health food shops in Baden-Württemberg in order to support adaptability and innovation

Target Group

Owners, managers and employees of organic food retail shops in Baden-Württemberg in den following regions: Neckaralb, Bodensee-Oberschwaben and Freiburg  

Project partners


From November 2001 to December 2003


Description of the project

Through qualification and consultancy that is in tandem with work, the project aims at introducing a continuous improvement process in small and medium-sized health food shops. Contents of the qualification and consultancy are management, knowledge of the merchandise, customer oriented marketing and employee oriented organization.

The consultancy and qualification concept is employee oriented. Team training and the involvement  of employees into the qualification planning are essential elements of the project. Through development of qualification structures and company specific instruction material (growing company manuals), the basis for a lasting qualification process is created.  In this way, a culture of qualification that will continue after the project is should be built up in the company.

The measure secures employments which are mainly occupied by insufficiently and unskilled employees; most of them are women. Moreover, the further education of the owners and employees is a great advantage on the labour market.