Institut equalita e.V.

Consulting of Companies, Non-Profit-Organisations and Associations in NRW

An exceptional feature in North Rhine-Westphalia is the programme for financial support of advisory service on the exhaustion of potential. It is financed through resources of the European Social Funds (ESF). 


Target Groups



Project description


The programme aims at providing qualification and advice for managers and employees of small and medium-sized firms in the following fields: Management, organizational development, staff management and development, customer information and  marketing. Especially small and medium-sized companies do rarely dispose of the financial resources to be ad-vised by external experts on a regular basis.

An early consultancy is all the more important! It can often help to prevent negative developments and to exhaust potential on different levels more efficiently. Thereby, new impetus can be given for a long-term perspective of the company. Our consultancy is focused on owners of businesses. The team, however, should be involved into the consultancy and qualification process – as far as it makes sense regarding the specific company structure.

Starting off with an analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks of the business, the specific need of consultancy is determined and worked on. At the end of the consultancy process, an activity plan has been elaborated together with the management. It guarantees a continuous enhancement process within the company according to Total Quality Management (TQM).

The Land NRW subsidizes up to ten days of advisory service: the company, however, has to make its own contribution. The equalita Institute gives advice and helps establishing the contact to the authorities. It also gives support in the acquisition and application process.