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Marketing of regional organic meat

Consultant of the institute, of BNN and external experts have consulted project group covering the whole branch with farmers, processors, traders and gastronomes and their enterprises for regional marketing of organic meat. The topics ranged from the switching over of production over logistic issues and calculations, criteria of regional quality, marketing support, and merchandise presentation to development of regionally and product specific advertisements.

The approach which covers numerous spheres secured intense communication and mutual understanding for problems and demands of the partners. At the same time, more than 250 managers and employees of at least 60 health food shops were qualified in the whole of NRW. An emphasis was 

Dolce Vita - europ. Regionalvermarktung Regionalvermarktung von Biofleisch

The transnational exchange project „Dolce Vita“ completed the national projects within the frame of the joint initiative of the European Union, ADAPT.
In Germany, the emphasis was put on the development of the regional marketing of organic meat. In Italy and Spain, the support of marketing of regional quality products, such as wine, cheese, ham, sausages or olives was, beside organic farming, the central topic of the national project.

The title of the project „Dolce Vita“ makes clear that it is not primarily concerned with conveying technical business knowledge, but with an exchange of comprehensive marketing knowledge that includes all senses.

As to their gastronomic culture, our Mediterranean neighbors have a tradition of several 

FocuS Bio – Qualification of organic food retailers in Hamburg

The project aims at initiating a continuous process of improvement in small and medium-sized health food shops; this is achieved through qualification in tandem with work and advisory service for representatives of the field of organic food trade.

Main contents of qualification and consultancy are management, knowledge of the merchandise, customer oriented marketing and employee oriented organization.

The consultancy and qualification concept puts one emphasis on further education of the owners and managers. They are instructed and advised in a way that enables them to offer in-house education to their employees. In this way, a culture of qualification that will continue after the project is supposed to be built up in the company.