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Qualification of Organic Food Retailers in Baden-Württemberg

Through qualification and consultancy that is in tandem with work, the project aims at introducing a continuous improvement process in small and medium-sized health food shops. Contents of the qualification and consultancy are management, knowledge of the merchandise, customer oriented marketing and employee oriented organization.

The consultancy and qualification concept is employee oriented. Team training and the involvement of employees into the qualification planning are essential elements of the project. Through development of qualification structures and company specific instruction material (growing company manuals), the basis for a lasting qualification process is created. In this way, a culture of qualification that will 

P.I.C.A.N.T - Qualification in NRW

P.I.C.A.N.T stands for the following concepts:
Practice - Information - Communication – Satisfaction with work – Health Food - Total Quality Management.

The aim of this qualification project was the introduction of a continuous enhancement process in small and medium-sized health food shops and the development of a culture of qualification in the company.
The central starting point in our concept was to integrate the participants within the frame of a comprehensive quality management (TQM). Accordingly, the necessary qualification contents were determined together through an analysis of the specific educational needs in the participating companies

The units of further vocational training included the following topics: management 

Consulting of Companies, Non-Profit-Organisations and Associations in NRW

The programme aims at providing qualification and advice for managers and employees of small and medium-sized firms in the following fields: Management, organizational development, staff management and development, customer information and marketing. Especially small and medium-sized companies do rarely dispose of the financial resources to be ad-vised by external experts on a regular basis.

An early consultancy is all the more important! It can often help to prevent negative developments and to exhaust potential on different levels more efficiently. Thereby, new impetus can be given for a long-term perspective of the company. Our consultancy is focused on owners of businesses. The team, however, should be involved into the consultancy