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Preparing for the Future - the Code for Organic Retailing Practice

Institute equalita leads since September 2014 the project "Preparing for the Future" in the context of the EU program Erasmus+. The aim is the development of a European "Code of Good Practice Organic Retailing" and an e-learning course for the qualification of managers and employees in organic and conventional trade will be developed to support the integration of this code and its principles into everyday business practice.

Facing all the problems caused by globalization, financial crises and economical and social deregulations ethical basics for business become more and more important. The organic trade branch recognized that organic regulations and certificate alone is not enough to assure the authenticity of organic products  

Learning at the Bio-Farm

In August of 2013, Institut equalita launched the "Learning Place Bio-Farm" Grundtvig Project.

During the last fifteen years, a number of Bio-Farms within several EU countries have established and developed their own educational learning projects. Those farms that deliver such projects are commonly referred to as school farms.

Aside from these school farms, an increasing number of professionally operated farm enterprises are also opening their doors to the general public. The main objectives of this partnership project will be to identify shared and differing approaches to learning on the Bio-Farm and to share best practice between partner countries. 

E-Learning for Organic Retail

The Institute equalita halogo ecoqualify it webs developed from 2010 up to 2012 an eLearning system for professional training and qualification in the organic retail sector in the framework of the EU program Leonardo da Vinci.

It consists of twelve basic modules, with knowledge and practical information on main issues and product assortments. The learning units have been adapted to the specific conditions and educational needs of the partner countries Bulgaria, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Poland and Czech Republic. Main target groups are employees and managers in organic retail and educational institutions that offer training and education for this sector.