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EQF-based training course Eco-Qualify

From August 2010 to July 2012 Institut equalita has carried out a partnership project under the EU program Leonardo da Vinci for the integration of the quality assurance system ECO-QUALIFY into the European Qualifications Framework EQF.

ECO-QUALIFY is a comprehensive European Quality Assurance System for further education in organic retail. It offers a basis for meaningful assessment and certification systems and contributes to the alignment of dif f erent training and evaluation systems.

It is developed on the basis of qualification standards for training in the retail of organic food. They are the core content of the quality assurance system. Qualification standards have been defined for the operational level 

Code of Good Organic Retailing Practice

From August 2011 to July 2013 Institut equalita was partner of the international LEONARDO DA VINCI partnership project Concept of Code of Good Organic Retailing Practice. The partners from Austria, Czech Republic, France, the Netherlands and Germany developed a concept to train managers and stuff in organic and non-organic food-market.

Facing all the problems caused by globalization, financial crises and economical and social deregulations ethical basics for business become more and more important. So the organic trade branch recognized that organic regulations and certificate alone is not enough to assure the authenticity of organic products and business. Therefore important stakeholders of the organic trade branch have started 

The Eco-Qualify Initiative

The Institute equalita continued his activities for quality assurance in organic food retailing with the project Eco-Qualify II. The objective of this Innovation Transfer Project was to expand the qualification standards, developed in the former project Eco-Qualify, to a comprehensive European quality assurance system for the further education in organic foods trade and to transfer it into the participating partner countries Austria , Italy, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Germany. The project was carried out in the framework of the program "Lifelong Learning - Leonardo da Vinci" of the European Union and was approved as one of 30 projects from 86 proposals for promotions.

In January 2011 Eco-Qualify II is selected from all