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Since the year 2000 the ChildrenCultureCaravan visits Germany. Every year seven cultural youth groups from Africa, Asia and Latin America perform in numerous schools, youth centres and public meetings in North-Rhine/Westphalia and whole Germany and show the cultural variety and the creativity of their countries. With music, theatre, dance and circus they tell about their life in poverty, as refugees, child prostitutes, street children, child soldiers, AIDS and war orphans.

In the last five years Institute equalita has developed together with Büro für Kultur- und Medien-Projekte Hamburg and VIDC/moving cultures, Austria, a programme for kids and young people with the aim to give creative access to developmental and global issues and the problems of developing countries. Together with the artists from Africa, Asia and Latin-America, living in difficult circumstances, performances and workshop for young people have been developed and offered. They include playful and artistic elements as well as cognitive knowledge transfer. The performance and workshop programme should enable young people to look upon development issues and societies in the south more favourably. It also provides encouragement to the kids to reflect about these matters on their own. The events take place all over Germany and Austria in schools, youth centres, kindergartens, and at family-oriented events from churches and communities.

Most of the local partners, especially teachers, supported the project enthusiastically, because it could be integrated into long term focus on development issues and enriched their efforts in a lively way. Through this programme a German network of interested partners could be built up and supplied with offers. The ChildrenCultureCaravan is one of the few opportunities in Germany to view comprehensive  international children and youth culture. The project facilitates the access for children and young people to the variety of culture in the world, by settling creative work on the project with meetings in the surroundings of individual performances.

Besides the cultural youth groups from Africa, Asia, Latin America change the point of view on „the Third World ". They show a picture beyond from hunger, emergency and war. They present the cultural variety and creativity of their countries and demonstrate by their activities the power and energy of culture. Contemporary theatre, decaying dance, traditional dance, traditional music, HipHop, RAP, acrobatic and circus changed the life of the children and young people involved in the projects radically. They became self-confident and developed perspectives for their future. Their artistic work is almost professional and their engagement for a fair world finds an equivalent in the everyday life of the kids.

Patronage and UN-Decade Project

The ChildrenCultureCaravan is under the patronage of the entertainer, singer, moderator and actor Ron Williams. The ChildrenCultureCaravan is an official German contribution for and project of the UN-Decade “Education for sustainable development” of UNESCO.

Responsible for general development and implementation of the project is the Büro für Kultur- und Medien-Projekte in Hamburg. Institute equalita carries out the coordination and implementation in North Rhine-Westphalia since 2004. The ChildrenCultureCaravan is supported among other things by the official German institution for international cooperation and development InWEnt, the North-Rhine/Westphalia foundation for environment and development, the culture foundation of the state, the Catholic fund and the Evangelist fund.

ChildrenCultureCaravan - Survey

The ChildrenCultureCaravan 2007: "The Power of Culture"

From May until October 2007 again seven groups from three continents participate in the  ChildrenCultureCaravan. They present recent theatre as well as traditional African or Asiatic dance culture. They perform Capoeira and traditional African dances as well as modern dance and Hip Hop. By circus and acrobatics, with Rap and folklore theatre, mask theatre and the music of Villa-Lobos the groups intend to inspire audience of every age.

It will be interesting to experience the exchange between circus groups from Germany and the acrobats and artists of "Mutoto Chaud" and "Escuela de la Comedia y del Mimo" as well as the common workshops of school or youth theatre groups from Germany and young artists and players from Thailand, Burkina Faso, Bolivia and Columbia. And the young dancers from Rio de Janeiro are still curious of the exchange with young dance projects from Germany.

When this year the groups from Bolivia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Congo, Colombia, Nicaragua and Thailand travel again with the ChildrenCultureCaravan from “oasis to oasis”, in order to offer their cultural treasures, they want to show children and young people in Europe, how much power and energy are set free by creative and culturally activities. Perhaps this dream and the dialogues between the young people of different cultures can continue? E-Mail, school or project partnerships offer good possibilities to stay in contact and experience more from each other.

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