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P.I.C.A.N.T - Qualification in NRW

Title of Project

Qualification  of employees in organic food retail trade in North Rhine-Westphalia

Target Group

Owners, executives, and employees of organic food shops in North Rhine-Westphalia
Altogether, 120 employees in 21 companies have been qualified.


January 1997 until Decembre 1999 

Project partners


Description of Project

P.I.C.A.N.T stands for the following concepts:
Practice - Information - Communication – Satisfaction with work – Health Food -  Total Quality Management.

The aim of this qualification project was the introduction of a continuous enhancement process in small and medium-sized health food shops and the development of a culture of qualification in the company.
The central starting point in our concept was to integrate the  participants within the frame of a comprehensive quality management (TQM). Accordingly, the necessary qualification contents  were determined together through an analysis of the specific educational needs in the participating companies

The units of further vocational training included the following topics: management, human resources and knowledge of merchandise in the fields: fruit, vegetables, cheese and meat. In the course of the project, the thematic educational concepts were continuously reviewed and reworked in and with the qualification practice. In this process,  feedbacks from the participants and the lecturers´ experience played an important role.

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