Institut equalita e.V.

From Field to School

Since September 2018 Institut equalita is partner of the project “Field to School”. The aim of the Strategic Partnership is to develop an e-learning course and interactive online portal “Field to School”. It offers online resources for teachers, farmers, coordinating agencies, NGO staff and any other individuals involved in delivering farm-based educational activities in schools.

Farm visits provide an inspiring real-world environment to teach children about food production, environmental issues and the intangible cultural heritage of food. Rather than leave that learning experience at the farm gate at the end of the day, these practical learning experiences can be built on back in the school and classroom. Best practice examples and teaching tools can encourage teachers to build on the initial farm visit and embed the learning into the school year.

Practical, real-world learning offers particular benefits to those individuals who sometimes struggle in mainstream education. Groups of children and young people with special educational needs; such as those with learning disabilities or those at risk of exclusion from mainstream education, can often benefit from learning in a new environment. “Field to School” activities offer also refugees new perspectives on life outside the refugee camps that many have lived in and an insight into European life and its associated food culture.

Targeted groups are educators/teachers/training professionals in formal as well as informal education, teaching profession candidates - students of vocational schools, vocational colleges and universities, headmasters and personnel managers of schools, farmers and staff from coordinating agencies (e.g. environmental NGO´s, organic associations…) 

The partnerships consists of 8 partners from 7 countries – Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Poland and the United Kingdom. The partners are institutions with experiences and competences in different areas of farm education.